Hand Hygiene

Often referred to as a pioneer in hand hygiene compliance measurement, Dr. McGuckin and the McGuckin Methods International team are a driving force in hand hygiene compliance monitoring, developing and proving methodology that is effective at gathering data for team feedback in hand hygiene performance.

Several hundred hospitals in the USA and abroad have implemented the program, and The Joint Commission monograph on hand hygiene compliance includes several different versions of the McGuckin program, within their recommended methods to overcome the challenges of monitoring hand hygiene adherence.

We have detailed this program methodology in several peer-reviewed scientific articles and abstracts, and it is applicable in any type or size of heatlhcare facility.

Individual facilities
• Rehabilitation Hospital
• Acute Care
• Multiple hospitals (PDF)

• Pre vs. post WHO Guide
• Pre vs. post Novel A H1N1
• Soap vs. Sanitizer compliance (photo below)

We have proven a cost-effective, easily implemented hand hygiene compliance measurement program freely available.
• Program method (AJMQ 2008)
• Note on program (PDF)

Additional compliance boosters include electronic interventions. Though not our methodology nor endorsement, we provide this guide for the Infection Prevention team to help you make an informed decision.
• Guide to electronic interventions
• What to ask manufacturers (PDF)
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