For over three decades, Dr. McGuckin has advised legal teams across the U.S. on topics related to hospital infections. She also serves as advisor to healthcare teams on legal issues pertinent to their delivery of care.

As an expert witness, Dr. McGuckin thoroughly reviews the facts, and applies her years of practical experience and academic research to areas where improvements in practice can, and should, be implemented. She knows how to prioritize information so that the pertinent issues are given top attention. She knows what questions to ask in order to get the best knowledge for the best results. Her goal is to ensure safe care for patients and consumers.

(Pictured: Keytnote speaker at Delmarva Foundation.(
Areas of Competency

• Healthcare-associated infections
• Surgical site errors
• Accidental death
• CLE Continuing Legal Education Research
• Healthcare-associated infection malpractice claims descriptive review
• Malpractice claims involving nosocomial infections (Nursing Director's Focus v1n2) Memberships
• HGExperts
Your Legal Rights

Dr. McGuckin'ss interview with Chuck Finney, Deputy District Attorney for San Mateo County, on the NPR program Your Legal Rights.

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